Please take care to answer all questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge.

If you don't, your policy may be cancelled or your claim rejected. When entering your details we strongly recommend you read the help and important information we've provided.

About your home

Second Home - we cannot currently provide a quote for a second home unless you rent this out, in which case you would need a landlord's policy.

Home owner - a home that you own, you live in and is your main residence

Landlord - a home that you own but is not your main residence and you rent this out. Tenants can also buy this policy, but it is worth checking if the Landlord already has a policy in place.

Owning or renting the property

Your policy will cover your private property which is used for you and your immediate family's domestic purposes.

Your property

This is the property type used for your cover.

Property address

This is the address of the property you're covering. It's also the address that your policy documentation will be sent to.

What if I don't know the postcode?

Unfortunately we're unable to provide you with quotes if you do not know the property's postcode.

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About your cover

Cover start date

Tell us when you'd like your cover to start. If you have existing cover it's worth checking when the policy expires, otherwise there may be a gap in your cover.

Please note: Your cover start date must be within 30 days of today as most providers will not let you buy a policy starting any later than this. Some providers may not be able to guarantee the start date you have selected, please see your chosen providers terms and conditions for further information.

Cover type

Boiler - covers your boiler and controls against breakdown.

Heating - covers a complete/partial or intermittent failure of your primary heating or hot water system which would leave you without heating or hot water.

Plumbing - covers your internal hot and cold water pipes, the flushing mechanism of toilets, cold water storage tank and leaks.

Electrical - covers failure of your electrics which would leave your home uninhabitable (e.g. failed wiring to your immersion heater or boilers, lighting failure etc.)

Annual service

Your boiler should be serviced annually to ensure it's working properly and safely.

Boiler service

In order for your boiler to be covered some providers may need evidence that it's been serviced in the last 12 months. This can be a service receipt or a similar document.

What make is your boiler?

Your provider may want to know who built your boiler so they provide the best service for you, so if you know the manufacturer of your boiler select it here, if you don't know select "unknown".

Gas safety certificate

A gas safety certificate is also know as a CP12. By law all landlords must carry out gas safety checks at least once every 12 months and obtain the certificate/CP12.

About you


Please tell us about the main policyholder (the proposer) here.

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  • Surname:

Date of birth

You must be aged 18 or over to get a quote.

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Email address

Your email address forms part of your quote retrieval details, allowing you to login to edit your quotes, view your prices or purchase your insurance. As some insurance companies send your policy documentation by email using the address you've provided here, we encourage you to provide an email address that you have full access to.

We promise that we'll never sell your personal data to anyone else, and you can opt out of receiving marketing emails and SMS communications from us (we'll ask you for your consent further down this page).

Telephone Number

Your provider may need to contact you in the event of a claim, please provide your contact telephone number.

Once you've completed your quote details and have your results we'll send you an email confirming your best prices, along with a link to retrieve your quotes. Where we know your renewal date we'll also use your email address to remind you when your renewal is due. These emails form part of our service to you, and you can't opt out of receiving them. If you show interest in a provider by clicking through to their website, they may contact you to assist with your purchase. Our privacy policy details our commitment to you.
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